Song Strategy Sessions

Phases 2 and 3

Triple Your Songwriting Success with

Song Strategy Sessions Phases 2 and 3

This course will solve the 2 BIGGEST problems most songwriters have:

1. Getting inspired with a song idea and not knowing how to finish it.

2. Finishing another average song, not knowing how to really make it great.


"Every component of my melody, lyrics, chords, and song structure need to be crafted into their absolute best."


DISCOVER proven methods that accomplished songwriters use every day

to write one Gigantic Hit after the next, after the next, and after the next,

almost never getting stuck, without years of study.


Learn which components of your song should be developed, there are over 117 of them

CREATE a tool belt of techniques to craft your song with!.

AVOID “the BIG lie” by the mainstream music antichrist:

“You either have it or you don’t”

You DO have it, you just need the songwriting education to bring it out.



  • Lyric Refinement, So you can write the best lyrics you could ever imagine possible.
  • Chord Expansion, So you will never have to guess at which chords to use in your song sections again.
  • Melodic Development, So you can write melodies that will play in people’s heads for years.
  • Song Architecture, So you can avoid writing songs that seem to fall apart in your listeners ears.
  • And much more


With over 10 hours of of in-depth song development techniques

that you can apply to you own songs right away.



from songwriters just like you from all over the world.


Be Part of a Global Community

Song Strategy Sessions comes from myself helping real Songwriters

from over 12 states across the US, and 10 countries around the world!


Join my MISSION to create an army of AWESOME songwriters

Help turn our world into a spine tingling journey.

Take a Look at What Others Are Saying

About Song Strategy Sessions Video Courses

"I really appreciated the list of techniques you reviewed to play around with the chorus to change it up.  The exercise of actually going through the options with you to make it stronger was very helpful.  Much better than reading about how to do it in a book.

Deborah W.

Florida, US

"Kevin really made me realize what my strength and weaknesses are…guiding me in the direction where I can improve my songwriting skills.

Tamas V.

New York, US 

"Kevin Thomas was very helpful…to really help me clarify the message my song is trying to get across. He also helped me to think more about the rhythmic feel of the melody, something I may not always question down to each line. I'd definitely recommend his help.

Ree B.


"Thanks a lot, very interesting session! … ended up with relevant tools and hints for my whole album.

Jonathan S.

Paris, France

"Kevin really helped me by showing how to get started and getting into the mindset of a songwriter. His videos had been already very helpful, but during the lesson he was a great personal help on how to achieve sense-bound writing with everyday topics. Wonderful!

Claudia R.

California, US

"Kevin was so insightful. I learned so much more in 30 minutes than I could have on my own for 30 days!

Gary L.

New York, U.S.

20 More In-Depth Videos (approximately 1-hour each)

$295 each phase = $590

Only $195

for both

You Save


That's less than $10 per Song Strategy Session

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