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"Whether you are a beginner songwriter with only
a short idea for your first song, or you have a
full album of songs ready to record, One-On-One
Songwriting Coaching will help you RIGHT NOW to
turn YOUR SONGS into HITS before you waste money
in a recording studio on songs that you might have
been able to make MUCH better!"

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Questions About Lesson/Coaching Sessions???

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“Thanks so much for your insight and encouragement Kevin.  I loved the coaching you provided.  I ended up moving the original bridge up to make it part of the chorus and strengthening the hook, and then creating a new bridge for the song with a different focus.  I really appreciated the list of techniques you reviewed to play around with the chorus to change it up.  The exercise of actually going through the options with you to make it stronger was very helpful.  Much better than reading about how to do it in a book.  I’m sure I will be calling you for more sessions soon.

Deborah W.

Florida, U.S.

"Our Skype session was very helpful!  I was glad to get answers to my burning questions about the songwriting process, as well as direction on how to proceed in my development as a songwriter.  Looking forward to the next session!

Dan W.

Florida, U.S.

"My session with Kevin was awesome.  We looked at a song I was in the process of writing that felt awkward to me. I knew it was a good song but I was stuck.  Kevin helped me pull it apart & then helped me understand what it was that was making it feel awkward.  His insights into song structure, word placement, hooks, tempo & rhythm were all extremely helpful & invaluable to me & my song.  I am now applying & incorporating all Kevin taught me into my new songs & am really happy with the results.  Thank you Kevin.  It was a very informative & enjoyable session. Again I really appreciate all your help.

Lisa Lease V.

Queensland, Australia

"I had a good time sharing artistic ideas with Kevin about one of my songs during an hour Skype session. It helped me get some perspective on that tune and he provided me with good writing tools I can use in the future.

Eric John K.

Portland, OR, U.S. (Originally Paris)

"Kevin really helped me by showing how to get started and getting into the mindset of a songwriter. His videos had been already very helpful, but during the lesson he was a great personal help on how to achieve sense-bound writing with everyday topics. Wonderful!

Claudia R.

California, U.S.

"Working with Kevin was amazing.  I'm a super lyric-driven songwriter, but he helped me take a step back and dig deep into songwriting principles that I rarely consider.  Super excited to apply what I've learned!

Taylor W.

Utah, U.S.

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Sessions can be setup around your schedule, and you can start as soon as you are ready.

If you have songs you are currently working on, please send lyric sheets and/or mp3s to right after you make your lesson purchase. If you don't have anything you are currently working on, that is ok, we can start from any place you are at along your songwriting journey.

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